1,000 Foot Tower is built in 1976-77 (and again in 2004)

All these photo except the last, are from 31's 2004 tower construction, which was exactly the same as the '76 photos. What you will see below are crews putting the legs and braces together into 30 foot sections. A front-end type lifter held things in place and also moved final sections around. In close ups, you can see how massive the bolts are. The entire tower sits on a single point you can see. After the first 90 feet is held in place with a crane and the first set of guy wires are in place, a "gin-pole" is hoisted up and bolts to the side of the tower to act as a "tower with a pully" to hoist up each succeeding 30' section to a spot above the previous one, swivel it around and lower it in place, while workers bolt this new section to the one below. The winch operators and crew have precision communications to get this all done. You can see the winch cable, the size of a man's finger, does the whole job. That's a lot to trust that one cable to.

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