31 Tower from the Top

John Hain took these photos - sent to me from Donald Derrick. Thanks to both

Here are some photos that John Hain took with a little throw-away camera a few years back. It was after Doppler Max was installed because you can see the radome in the parking lot below in one shot. Cactus wanted to see what the antenna connections looked like at the top of the tower and bottom of the antenna where the transmission line makes some right angle bends.

John also shot the other photos and inspected the condition of the paint and guy saddle areas while he was there. The tower in the top photo is actually channel 19's tower, that's the same as 31's, but from the angle of the top of 31's tower.

I climbed towers when I was in college and made some money replacing bulbs in WJRD radio's towers that came in handy for a college student. I was scared the first time and had to cling at the top a while until the strength came back to my arms. After that, I had no problems, and always climbed my 50-60 foot ham towers to do antenna work. I also climbed the 31 new 1,000 foot tower in the early 80's, but only to about the 150 foot level, and that was plenty high enough for me. I took a few pictures and came back down. Climbing a full 1,000 feet requires very good conditioning, lack of fear of heights, and knowing how to pace yourself not to fully deplete your muscles, so you still have something left when it's time to lower yourself back down again. As you can see, the view from the TOP is really "breath-taking" in every sense of the word.

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