Adrian Gibson

So many things have happened, evolved, crashed, that its hard to choose which topic to submit.

Let me go back to 1970. I had been at WAAY radio almost three years when MD Smith III called one morning and insisted that I fly to Ft. Walton, Florida with him. I pleaded a busy schedule but Mr. Smith would not listen to that as a valid reason.

Anyway, as we were enroute to the airport, Mr Smith asked me "how's your stamina"? He said he wanted me to go to TV but still do morning news on radio. I honestly did not wish to go to TV. Never gave it a thought. Mr. Smith said if I would go to TV news and didn't like it, or if he didn't like the things I did there, I could return to Radio.

My first newscast on 31 was December 26, 1970. And, yes, it did take a lot of stamina to keep afloat..It has been interesting. It would take a complete book to talk about the unusual people, places and events over these 32+ years.

I look forward to seeing the "old crew" next month.


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