Dan Jamison (deceased) Self Bio of 4-26-73

(Editor's Note: Even though Dan Jamison has not been with us for a number of years, he is remembered for his wit and humor. Here is a submission he made to promotion when asked for a bio to be put in a promo as well as to publications. I have a copy of his actual typed, double spaced, all caps submission with hand written corrections. A shorter and edited copy actually got made from this longer script that Dan wrote. I think he'd enjoy being remembered with this crazy script.)

Dan Jamison was born out of wedlock in a log cabin, on October 9, 1944. His mother was a poor chicken farmess in downtown Baltimore, and his father was either the local Purina dealer or one of the hired hands. Dan was a dull child, and when he said his first words, "Da Da, " at the age of 7, it was known immediately that the boy was destined to have a raucous mouth with a talent for supposition.

Dan worked on his act for three more years before he unveiled it to the first grade at St. Ceceila's. The notices were rave....except in the deportment department. But Dan continued there until the 7th grade. This his dad discovered Annapolis, which is also a part of Maryland, traded off two of his oldest children for a 1949 Plymouth truck with no body, and part interest in an Edsil dealership.

Dan continued to flourish at St. Mary's School in Annapolis, and played basketball and football for two years. He was graduated in June 1963, and it was not until August 1963 that it was discovered that Dan hadn't attended one class at St. Mary's since early 1961.

Dan was off in college at that time, a community college with a name to long to mention, suffice to say, that basket weaving was not what Dan wanted, and thus he left to go to Washington, DC and study at the National Academy of Broadcasting, an impressively named school, that Dan found in the yellow pages. He went six months, graduated, was $1,000 (American) lighter in the bank account, but had a new career planned for him by his uncle; Uncle Sam, that is, and Dan was off to the wars in 1965, where he had to fight the French and German women to keep them from getting his candy and nylons.

Dan got a job at radio in March of 1968, where in Warrenton, Virginia, as the first white janitor for the station, he quickly rose to news and sports director, after undermining everyone else's position, and getting a little dirt on one of the owners. Dan did play-by-play for the high school basketball and football teams for the next four years....80 basketball games, 40 football games.

In November 1972, in a moment of drunken craze, M.D. Smith IV summoned Dan to Huntsville, Alabama, a suburb of Nashville, and requested Dan take over the Sports Department, that up to that point was not being handled in the best fashion. Dan doesn't handle it in the best fashion either, but now the team has someone to blame it on.

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