Dave Stanley

[ Editor's note: Dave gave me the idea for the reunion along with Hank Price. Then I discussed it with Bob Baron and finally decided to do it. He and his family came a long way to attend and visit their old home site in "Camelot". Sounds fitting, doesn't it? Anyhow, here are some of his comments about the 31 Alumni Reunion. ]

What a truly, extraordinary special, emotional event! Irene and I wanted to express our appreciation for the wonderful time we had. We've been to many outings but nothing even comes close to comparing with the WAAY31 Reunion.

It was like picking up where we left off. And, in our case, that's 23 years ago. Spending time with you, Adrian, Bob, Tony, Ken, Rick, Mary (she hasn't changed a bit!) just to name but a few was, to say the least, extremely touching. It proves we are, and always will be a family. Speaking of which, it was great meeting and spending time with Scott and Dee. Scott was always kind of special to me given we played ball together and Dee made such an impression on Irene and Ken's friend they fell in love with him. Despite spending time with with all of our former, fellow workers it just would not have been complete had I not had the opportunity to spend time with Scott and Dee. Given the years that have passed there's no way I would have recognized them which is why I made inquiries and tracked them down.

Oh, and please let me thank you for posting our picture. Knowing hundreds were taken we were very touched to have ours posted first. The first thing we did when we returned to Charlotte was to jump on the computer to see what was being sent from the reunion. The next thing we did was to send our four rolls out to be developed. If they don't turn out as good as the one you posted with the three of us I may be asking to buy a copy so I can have it framed and placed in my library. That is a place reserved for only incredibly special picture-memories such as Irene's mom.

Don't want to take up anymore of your time but I just had to thank you. And, even that doesn't really express the feelings and memories we took with us. A great time, a great family, a remarkable reunion.

With deepest appreciation,
Dave Stanley

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