Erin Dacy Boles

Erin Dacy Boles, husband Ben and daughter Ansley (born 5-20-02)

Erin Dacy's Cat Story

One time on the noon newscast I was interviewing a woman from animal services who wanted our viewers to adopt animals. She was holding a gold and white cat. As our interview went along,I guess the cat got bored and tired of being held. He pawed across the woman's face as she was talking.

She was taken aback, but kept talking about how nice and sweet pets are to have. She was bleeding a bit, and I guess felt it, so she kept moving the cat up closer to her face to cover up the bleeding scratch.

When she wouldn't put the cat down, he finally grabbed her by the jaw and bit her on the nose. We promptly ended the interview, but I bet that woman has never forgotten that TV experience. I sure haven't!

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