Evelyn Starnes (Pelfrey)

[Editor's note: Evelyn was promotion manager in 1977 when we switched to ABC. She, Dan Whitsett and I traveled to L.A. to attend the promotion manager's meeting to get hyped up and learn how to promote ABC. We got it in spades. I think the "Still The One" theme this particular year was the best ABC ever did. I may be partial, but listen to all the music of these years and see what you think. ]

Well, if it isn't the boss who gave me my first break in media right out of college! Yep, you found me. I checked out the WAAY alumni Web site and got a blast from the past! I still use Starnes as a middle name, but my by-line is now Evelyn S. Pelfrey. I'm a newspaper reporter for the daily paper in Southeast Alabama, The Dothan Eagle. You probably remember I went to WSGN Radio News in Birmingham after I left WAAY. From there, I went to WAPI AM/FM and then got a big break and went to NBC Radio News in New York in 1980. Eighteen months later, I went to NBC owned-and-operated WRC Radio in Washington DC, and then on to the NBC Washington Bureau before becoming News Manager at Mutual Broadcasting System in Arlington.

I got out of broadcasting for a decade and moved back to Alabama when my husband's mother passed away and his father couldn't live alone. After a few years as a newspaper reporter for the Barbour County weekly, The Clayton Record, I moved on to The Dothan Eagle early last year. And you gave me my start! Thanks!

I've got the reunion dates posted in my calendar and will let you know if I can make it. The Dothan Eagle celebrates its 100th anniversary that week and the date for a centennial gala is yet to be finalized. Thanks for finding me! Evelyn

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