Jeff Rosado

[ in an earlier email, MDS asked about a blooper tape where, " a reporter on a live shot and she didn't know she was on the air and something happened and she loudly and clearly said, "OH, SH#$!!!" (who was that reporter? I don't think she worked at 31 all that long).]

That would be Susan Holley. -- I was on duty when that occured, we broke in during Rosie O' Donnell, so we had a lot of people watching. News was trying to get a jump on the competition and I remember Jeremy Woosley (one of our on duty engineers at the time) going, "Take it, take it, take it!" -- Although hesitant to do so feeling we were moving too fast, what could I do? Cross faded from that goofy special report open with cheezy music and all to her...and of course, the rest is history. -- What made it even funnier to me is that after I faded to black quicker than I ever had in my life (and I had gone completely numb at this point), where else could I go but back to "that goofy special report open with cheezy music and all." Then after a few seconds more, Jeremy more calmly said, "OK, go ahead, Jeff" to which I tersely replied, "Are you sure?"

And the icing on the cake was that priceless look on Susan's face when we returned to her (and if you listen hard enough, you can hear Kevin Athow saying, "Go.") -- I think at least 10 copies were made in a span of a half hour alone following; that was when the master control op's had to record all the special reports and weather coverage in full. Poor girl. Last I heard she was in Colorado doing tv work up there.

Well, I think I just contributed to your alumni page. -- Jeffrey

[ There was a fire at a lumber yard Susan was covering, and just as she went on, there was a car crash ]

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