Johnny Evans' Story

Johnny Evans says he remembers (in early 70's) one minor incident when he was in the main lobby of the station and he noticed a big stack of ballpoint pens with logo that had arrived. About that time, Mr. Smith, III walked in and also remarked about why in the world we were spending the money for that many ball point pens.

The lady at the front desk said that Sam Depino had ordered 1,000 of them because he liked to give away a pen each time he signed an autograph. He said the viewer liked to not only have an autograph, but had a pen to remember the event with. (Sort of like when the President of the U.S. signs an autograph and you keep the pen).

Mr. Smith, III was not happy (the quote was "had a fit") and had the pens locked up and only let them be used gradually over a period of time. (I remember that too.)

Johnny did the kids show for many years on 31. He was Johnny Evans and TEX, his sidekick. Here's a photo from a brochure he printed and distributed. He made a few extra bucks hiring himself out at kid's birthday parties, taking his show to their homes or party places.

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