Lea Church

Hi M.D..

I do have some memories for you and most are very good. I had not been at the station very long and wanted so badly to do a good job that I was enthusiastic about any responsibility. Lew called me into his office one morning to say we had an emergency. ( You do know that with Lew everything was an emergency.) It seems that on a location shoot the previous night a tape had fallen into a lake and was still wet. He told me to find Cactus because Cactus could do just about anything. ( The entire time he's talking I'm wondering what does a Cactus look like.) He asked me to take the tape and ask that it be restored to it's original state. Lew explained that Cactus could really perform miracles and would surely be happy to do this for production.

I was halfway through the studio when I remembered a glint in Lew's eyes and a strange smile on his face. It took just a few seconds for it to hit that I was right in the middle of a very bad joke. I returned to Lew's office and very calmly suggested that this problem would be better handled from department head to department head. I quickly made myself very busy so I could escape from his overhead voice asking me to call 240.

Take care and I'll write to you again when time permits.

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