Lu Ann Cahn

[ Note: now working for TV station in Philadelphia. if you want to see her web page.]

What a blast from the past! I'm so thrilled to hear from you.

I must say I think it's wild that Rick Davis and I share the same most memorable event at WAAY! the night I announced the score of that hockey game I thought would be the end of my career. People in Huntsville were so furious with me for revealing the score. I was so green at what I was doing... such a rookie. I remember I made an apology on the air that night and was happy you didn't fire me!

I have another memory of coming to your office to tell you why we had to get rid of film and get into video. You were heading there already, but I was venting about how I ran out of film during some important story and missed the critical part of it. Do you remember any of this? You patiently listened to me.

Do you know all these years later, I treasure all those experiences..being part of film during it's last days in news...working with the very first live truck at your station...anchoring with Dave Stanley without a computers....I was so young and impatient which is why I probably left too soon...I made so many mistakes and would make so many more down the road before I became a so called "polished professional."

I want to thank you for that year...1980...thank you for taking a chance on me. I'm truly grateful and wish you and your family all the best.


Lu Ann Cahn

{update email from Lu Ann follows}

(regarding the reunion) It sounds like a great time ....and thanks for spreading the word that I survived in this crazy business in spite of myself!

You know what M.D.? I'm very lucky. I've been married 21 years ( to a tv news photographer....) We have a 16 year old daughter and I've survived cancer and we've made a nice life for ourselves...I feel very sentimental about my past and all the stops along the way ( or in your case.. WAAY..) You've helped a lot of people over the years realize their dreams working at your station...Enjoy and celebrate!

Lu Ann

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