Mary Beaton Morgan - anchor for "Coffee Break" - "Morning WAAY" for 10 years

Dear M. D.

Thanks for calling. It was good talking to you ,and Henry and I are looking forward to the reunion party.

It doesn't seem possible, but I worked for 31 for almost ten years and had ten different partners on "Coffee Break"," Morning Waay", "Mid Waay", and then "Morning Waay" again. My first, and probably longest partner, was Johnny Evans.

Johnny was great to work with and we had a great time together. I almost quit after the first show though. Johnny had scheduled a guy from a small traveling circus to come on Coffee Break. (This was a time when Huntsville was much smaller and it was pretty hard to get different guests each day. ) The man from the circus brought a not very well trained bear. As soon as he got on the set with all the lights ,the bear went on a rampage. He climbed on the desk and we had visions of it crashing down and crushing our legs. Johnny kept his cool though. I remember him saying "cut that out - this is my show." I don't remember how we got him out, but after a break we were able to go on with the rest of the show.

The people at 31 were like my extended family and we wnt through lots together.My husband died during my time on the show and my daughter was ill during that time.

We left Huntsville in 1978 and moved to Anniston. We were there for four years and then moved to Decatur. I now own Morgan Price Candy Co. and stay very busy with that. My company started out as a small mail order company at Christmas but now have about 10 or twelve employees depending on time of year. Can't think of any other business that would be more fun. Everyone is always in a good mood when they are buying candy.

It will be good seeing everyone again.

Mary Beaton Morgan

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