M.D. Smith, III
Letter to Radio staff, 1978

Let's all make a New Year's resolution -- 1977 was a good year -- 1978 is going to be a great year. And you are the one that will make it great!

A lot has been said lately about how all men are created equal. In my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth. We differ in so many ways that it would be impossible to make a comparison. Our IQ or intelligent quotient ranges from 0 to 200. Our CQ or creative quotient ranges from 0 to 200, and our MQ or motivation quotient also ranges from 0 to 200. These three Q's separate the men from the boys -- the successful from the failures -- the common from the uncommon. We are not created equal, nor do we become equal because of longevity on the job. So it follows that it is the sum of the individuals in an organization that makes that organization great: the sum of the three Q's.

I think that the worst thing that could be said about a company or individual is to say that they are fairly successful or that they are about average. Do you know what that means? It means that they are the best of the lousiest -- and the lousiest of the best. We expect our people and our company to be the best -- not average.

The three Q's that I mentioned are the three keys to the door of opportunity. That door to opportunity is not opened by an electric eye; it's opened by you! In many cases a person with greater talent (more of the 3 Q's) is overtaken and passed by a person of lesser talents, but with greater perseverance.

Job equality is something that you cannot demand, or even expect, because you are not equal to the next guy. You are either ahead of him or behind him. You cannot remain static. You are either moving forward or backward. You and the company are in the same boat. Either we move forward and grow together, or we will slide back and die together. Your future and our future depends on the sum of the individual efforts, the sum of the 3 Q's.

Unlike the assembly line, we are all fortunate to be in the broadcasting business, because we are presented with new challenges every hour of every day. Each of us is given the opportunity to express our talents in a unique and creative way. You -- and only you -- can suppress those talents. No one can cause you to fail -- you fail because you want to fail -- you fail because you tell yourself that you can't do better -- and worst of all -- you fail because you won't even try.

Now many of you try and give up because you don't receive the approval or accolades of your fellow workers or your boss. Really succeeding, and really trying are their own rewards -- you won't seek -- or need approval from anyone but yourself. This type of effort stands alone and cannot go unnoticed by anyone. If the motivation is strong enough, you can do anything you want to do. You can accomplish any goal no matter how difficult or how impossible that goal may seem.

If someone told you today that you must make five sales a day for the next 360 days -- or told you that you must produce five creative spots a day for the next year -- you might say, "That's impossible -- that's asking too much -- I simply can't do that!" BUT let's suppose that this person told you, and you really believed him, that if you didn't accomplish these goals, that you would face a firing squad on the 361st day. With this sort of threat facing you, you wouldn't dare fail. Nothing, but nothing, would stand in your way because you knew that if you failed, you would die!

Now this hypothetical situation is a little extreme, but nevertheless, if your motivations are strong enough, you can accomplish any goals that you set for yourself.

All men are not created equal -- all men do not have the same talents -- all men will not reach the same level of success -- only those who are creative -- only those who keep on keeping on will reach the top.

We'll be looking for you at the top in 1978 -- the view is beautiful!

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