Rick Mecklenburg

I worked at WAAY from 1993 through 1996. I started as weekend morning weathercaster (Anchors: Reginald Jones, Beverly Taylor), ascended to weekend nights (Beverly was the anchor, Tracy Flesch and Kim Ponis were in sports), followed by the weekday split of Noon and 10pm (Gary Dobbs did W2E and 5pm, Bob Baron did 6, and I did 10).

I didn't realize it for many years after I left, but WAAY was a good situation for me. I had the pleasure of learning from two incredible and two very different weathercasters: Bob Baron and Gary Dobbs. I am Chief at WSBT in South Bend, Indiana (my hometown) now, but not a day goes by that their influence is not present in my on-air presence here (though I have yet to say the weather is going to be "gawgeous"). I'm very lucky to have learned from them.

It took me many years to say this, but I certainly don't regret having worked there, but I do regret the way that I left.

I talk to some of you once in a while, but for the rest of you, I hope everyone is doing well.

Rick Mecklenburg

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