Mitch close up, side profile and wife Emma.

Mitch Montgomery

[ Editor's note: Mitch was an engineer at 31 in the late 60's- early 70's. He was a big guy at the time and over the years, gained a lot more weight. I understand his wife did, also. Not too long ago, they both got on a weight control program and I think lost over 100 pounds each. Mitch can fill me in on the details. Thus, the side angle view of Mitch to show off his trim lines after so many years of weighing so much more. ]


I am very sorry that Emma and I will not be able to be in Huntsville for the renunion. I have a training schedule for our Western Baptist Association disaster relief program.

I have enjoyed reading all of the material you've sent and on the web page.

Tell everyone that we said hello from the past.


Mitch Montgomery, W4TC
15 Emmett Hall Rd.
Moreland, GA 30259 (Metro Atlanta)
770 304-0800

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