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My fall garden came in with only the turnips and mustard greens reaching maturity. I also had a nice crop of radishes, but harvested them about four weeks before this picture was taken today. The beets, carrots and pumpkins I had planted did not come up at all and the pumpkin plants I set out did not grow. I have a feeling the Ph of my soil is not suited to those particular plants, thus, before I start over in spring, I WILL be testing the soil for proper nutrient content.

I have a new addition to my birdhouse collection around the garden. Thanks to all of you who contributed. Here is one my favorites. I plan to mount some of the others in nearby spots around the garden.

The fence row of cherry tomatoes supports the dead leftover stems. I'm cleaning them off and pulling them up. However, I suspect with the dozens of little tomatoes that fell to the ground in this area, I will once again have quite a bumper crop of volunteer plants next spring. (just as I did this year)

The Big Boy and Better Boy tomato plants did quite well this year and produced fruit right up until the first freeze in early November. Now that the plants have been killed, I am retrieving the wire baskets used in supporting them. They can be used over and over.

The mustard greens I planted turned out to be a sucessful crop. While some of these are a bit large, there are still plenty of tender greens to make a mess or two for a couple of meals.

Once again this year, I have very healthy turnips and greens. I suppose these could have grown even later in the fall season, but, it's time to go ahead and harvest them and put the garden to rest until pre-spring tilling. I look forward to getting back out in the garden, and just as soon as I do, watch for progress reports right here.

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