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Ask Dr. Math
Got a math problem that's giving you a headache? You may just find the help you need somewhere on Ask Dr. Math. You can even send Dr. Math your own math questions.
The Geometry Center
Just about everything you ever needed to know about geometry.
The Internet Center for Math Problems

Space & Astronomy

The 9 Planets: A Tour of our Solar System
Here's your chance to boldly go...well, you know the rest of it. The Solar System Tour is quite cool and it's a good close second to going there.
Astronomy and Space Stuff
A BIG collection of places on the Internet having to do with Space and Astronomy.
The NASA Home Page
Nasa's Space Calendar
Sun/Moonrise and Sun/Moonset
Find out the sunrise and sunset and moonrise and moonset from anywhere, well, anywhere on Earth.
What's Up in the Sky
Sky & Telescope's guide to where-to-look and what-to-watch guide to the night sky.

General Science

Beakman's World
The Discovery Channel Home Page
Volcano World
University of Washington's List of Science Links
U.S. Geological Survey
Among many, many other things are links to news about the latest Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.


The CIA World Fact Book (1995 edition)
A lot of stuff about every country in the world. It's even better than an encyclopedia and even though it's from the CIA none of it's a secret. Just to try it out I clicked on Iceland and found out...well, try it yourself and see.
Color Landform Atlas of the United States
Really nice maps of the United States.
United Nations Home Page
Not only stuff about the UN, but also all the news about what the different countries of the world are talking about.
The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
Online maps for almost every place in the world.


History of the U.S.
History of the United States from Mississippi State University
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
World History Archives
A collection of documents that support an understanding of world history and the struggle for social progress.

English & Literature

The Children's Literature Web Guide
The Electronic Library
Ok, this is not just literature, but is an online library that seems to have been made for help in writing term papers.
Library of Congress
Greek Mythology
The Internet Classics Archive
The On-line Books Page
Project Gutenburg
It happens all the time. All the copies of the book you need for the report due next week have been bought or checked out. Well, try Project Gutenburg for online versions of hundreds of books.
Public Libraries Online
This is a huge link list of all the public libraries that are online.
Writing Center Online
Everything to do with writing research papers and essays except for what to write about, of course.


Biology News
The Biology Place
The Electronic Zoo
The North American Breeding Bird Survey
All kinds of good stuff about birds in North America including a collection of pictures of the common species and an online Bird Identification Game.
Sea World Animal Information Database
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit
Ok, so it's a little gross, but it's a great way to see what makes a frog work without hurting a real frog.
Yahoo's List of Biology Places


State Home pages
A list of links to all the states' official home pages. Some of these pages are full of good stuff. Some are not.
The White House Home Page
Links to lots of government places.
The U.S. Congress Home Page.
The White House for Kids
US City Home pages


Cloud Catalog
Charles Boley's Weather Stuff Online
WAAY-TV Weather Page
WAAY-TV maintains a large list of weather stuff from all over the Internet.
National Hurricane Center
An Online Guide to Meteorology
An electronic texbook from the University of Illinois.
Purdue Weather Processor
Everything about the current weather.


Webster's Dictionary
You're online and suddenly realize you really need to know what a zwieback is. Well the online Webster's Dictionary is the place to find out.
Of course, Webster's isn't the only dictionary online:
The Biographical Dictionary
Rhyming Dictionary
American Sign Language Dictionary
The Online Reference Shelf
A lot more than just dictionaries. I really like the Acronym finder.

Other Good Stuff

The latest news about what's going on in the online world plus the latest software, gossip, and groundless rumors (these are my personal favorites).
Education Place
News Web
The National Press Club
Links to all kinds of news and online news search sites.
The Smithsonian

Online Search Engines
The Internet is a great place to wander around. You can find out all kinds of stuff about things you didn't even know you were interested in. Unfortunately, when the crunch is on and you need to find something really fast then wandering won't cut it. This is when the search engines come to the rescue. They don't often make it easy to find what you need, but do make it possible.
EINet Galaxy
Planet Earth
Web Crawler

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