Adrian Gibson

Adrian Gibson is WAAY-TV's morning weatherman. Adrian started his broadcast career in radio in 1952, working as a disc jockey in Fort Payne. Working as an announcer for football, basketball and baseball games, Adrian credits his "play-by-play" commentary as the best teacher early in his career, helping him learn how to think quick on his feet

Adrian got his start in radio news in the early '60's, then moved toHuntsville and "WAAY" Radio 1968 as News Director.Until this time, Adrian had been the man behind the voice everyone had grown to trust, but in 1971 Adrian got a chance to put a face with that voice when he joined WAAY-TV as News Director, Anchor, and Reporter. Then after 12 years of helping to keep the Tennessee Valley safe and informed, Adrian completed his news background by joining the 31 Weather department as a reporter and anchor.

When asked the single most important news/weather event in his career, Adrian quickly points to the 1974 Tornadoes. As part of the best weather team in the Valley, Adrian credits 31's advanced technology and forcasting experience for helping to save so many lives. There's no doubt in Adrian's 42 years of broadcasting he's been a constant source of important news and weather information and a person everyone in North Alabama has grown to depend on... and that's what he's most proud of.

Adrian is happily married to Faye Gibson and has 3 children, Beth, Jonathan, and Michael, and two grandchildren, Jean-Marie and Page.

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