Cliff Hill, esq. enjoys bringing you the news every night at 5pm and 10pm. Cliff first broke into broadcasting in the late 70's as an on-air personality with the Armed Forces Radio Network. After a tour of duty with the United States Army where he received the Army's Commendation Medal for saving a fellow soldier's life and two Army Achievement Medals for excellant service, he finished his college degree and entered the wild world of broadcast journalism.

Throughout his career, Cliff has been recognized for investigative reporting, continueing news coverage, documentaries and even feature reporting. His investigative reporting earned him Alabama Associated Press Award's for Best Investigative Reporting in 1994,95 and 96.

Cliff is also a licensed attorney who attended Law school while serving as Channel 31's investigative reporter. While in Law school, Cliff developed a legal program with 31, called 31 Lawline. The program is live, interactive with callers and e-mail on Sunday nights right after the news. Attorney Tommy Siniard co-hosts with Cliff and helped make the show happen.

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