Greg Screws

Greg Screws is a local product from Hartselle, Alabama. He graduated from the University of Alabama where he befriended a young man named Louis Gump. Greg encouraged his friend to write down all the stories his father passed along. Louis Gump's dad was Forrest Gump, and the rest is history.

After college, Greg traveled thru Malaysia clearing snakes from golf courses, and made a fortune in the diamond business. His stake of cash was soon lost when he invested in a chain of Pet Aerobics stores.

Greg's love of stock car racing comes from his mother, who was a Crew Chief for Richard Petty in the late sixties. Greg also spent time with the Alabama Shakespeare Festival where he played the fool in King Lear.

Greg loves television, particularly since he has to use very little math in this work, and has no real marketable skills. He does love to talk. With 20 years of experience, he has a few stories to tell about Alabama, Auburn, Nascar, and other sports topics.

Greg has a 12 year old daughter who knows the drop step on the basketball court, and is currently perfecting her brush-back pitch in fast pitch softball.

He is married to an extraordinarily patient woman. She works in the television industry as well. She changes light bulbs on tv towers, and then hang glides back to the building.

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