Toni Lowery

Toni Lowery helps the Tennessee Valley get started with both eyes open as she co-hosts "WAAY-TOO-EARLY" Monday through Fridays from 5:00-6:00AM. Toni keeps the show filled with entertaining guests, weather and news updates, contests, call-ins, and musi c.

Toni was born in Los Angeles and after L.A. City College she became on-air talent and manager of a radio station. She moved to the Tennessee Valley in 1987 to work with "Country 102" radio, and to Channel 31 in 1993 to co-host WAAY-TOO-EARLY.

Her extensive music background has enabled her to get exclusive interviews with famous recording stars such as Hank Williams, Jr., Alabama, Billy Ray Cyrus and dozens of others.

Toni is married, has three children and one grandchild. Her hobbies are sports, trivia, music, hiking, horseback riding. Tune in WAAY-TOO-EARLY, 5:00-6:00am ... it's better'n cup-o-coffee!!

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