Tim Hall - 1992 Panoply story

I think it was Panoply 1992. When we did something at WAAY-TV, we did it RIGHT! And Panoply was no exception. We set up a stage, lighting, the works! Boy did we look good. It was one of those Sunday 5:30 newscasts I was anchoring with Amy Witte. During the first break..something happened. The lights went out. I jumped up out of the chair (in my highly unusual manner to get excited about anything) and began yelling..."We're dead in the water. We have no power. We're dead in the water." Guess what? We were on the air the whole time. The only thing that had happened was someone had tripped over the power cable for the lights. So there I was...flapping my arms like a bird yelling in front of everyone.

The next week I went to Church. Two little girls walked up to me and said, "Hey Mr. Hall, We're dead in the water. We have NO Power!" I looked at them and said, "Shut up!" Their mom got mad at me and said, "that's no way for a preacher to talk!" The stupid mistake got me in trouble two times!! At work and church!!!

Working at WAAY-TV was a highlight of my career in TV news. You made it fun and a great learning experience. I miss the days of the family environment and hope everyone will come out to the reunion. I look forward to seeing you all!!!