Tracy Slayton & Strange Smell


During a commercial shoot, I used my tackle box as a prop. I then placed the box in my office where it sat for about six months. I started smelling something, and figured out that it was an open, yet re-sealed bag of catfish bait. (flour mixed with beef blood in small round balls.)

I got the idea that this would be a funny joke to place some of these bait balls in Bob Dowd and Jim Clark's office desks. Imagine the smell when they opened their desk drawers the next day I thought.

I thought wrong. The next day (I was off work) the entire front of the building from sales, to traffic, to Lew's office (My boss!!!) to the front lobby to the studio smelled absolutely rancid. To make it worse, everyone thought it was dog poop. I got called in on my day off to assist in clean up, which I considered just fine, at least I was still employed!

The funniest thing about it was everyone blamed Shawn.

Tracy Slayton
Commercial Production Manager
Employed 1990-Present

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